Keepout Gaming Laser Mouse X4 PRO

Rugged rubber finish and created to win a thousand and one battles. Its design is aesthetic and ergonomic. It has 6 programmable buttons through the software, destined for the most current games. With up to 2500 DPI that allow to customize the speed of the X4PRO.It includes RGB Led lighting that you can configure according to your taste. When changing the DPI, it also changes the lighting of your Gaming mouse. So turn off the light in your room and enjoy the RGB Backlight.The heart of the X4PRO is its high precision optical AVAGO A5050 sensor, that will give you all the potential needed to Succeed in the best games of the market. USB 2.0 connector for better connectivity. Black 1.8 meter cable with nylon coating and protection that provide safety and ambidextrous ergonomics. Its software is fully equipped for basic and advanced configurations , easy to use and configurable.
  • Sensor óptico Avago A5050 de gran precisión
  • Iluminación Led RGB configurable
  • Configuración del ratón mediante software
  • Ergonomía ambidiestra
  • Resolución : Hasta 2500 dpi
  • Botones : 6
  • Aceleración : 20G
  • Conexión : USB
  • Longitud cable : 1.8 m

May 29, 2019